A long time ago, at a Middle School in Laguna Niguel, California, something was happening. Something funny. At the lunch table nearest the faculty parking lot, a group of boys sat patiently, eagerly waiting for the boy who sat at the center of the cluster to take a sip of his red sports drink. The silence as he lifted the bottle was excruciating. Nobody said a word. Then, just as the liquid touched his lips, it started. "Monkey Farts!" "Jelly Face!" "Ketchup!" And like that it was all over. The mention of a basic condiment sent red punch flying out of the boy's mouth and nose as he broke down laughing. The rest of the boys followed suit, until their laughter died down and they were prepared to go again. It was then and there that an alliance was born. One in which friends would consistently challenge one another in an endless game of "who can make the other guy laugh?" In 8th grade drama class, when they began to make videos together, the game went on. In high school, where they performed in plays and musicals on the same stage, the game went on. Even when they went off to UC Davis, UCLA, and University of Michigan, the game went on. We are those friends at the lunch table, and today, it is here that we stay true to our roots. We are called “Porthole Productions” as a nod to our old high school theater, The Porthole, where we each discovered within us another dimension of our creative spirits. It was there that we recognized that the greatest virtue in making art is to be true to oneself. We understand this to mean that we study, acknowledge, and have respect for convention, all while bringing what we do best to the table in spite of it. After all, at the end of the day it’s always been about who can get the last laugh. And so we invite you, the brave and willing, to laugh with us, as we venture into uncharted depths of humorspace and happytime!

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