Pat, a lovable but unmotivated history buff, struggles to balance the demands of his adult life as a museum employee and the chaos brought on by his roommates: Craig, a pot addled genie and Googol, an unambitious stoner.
Together, the three tolerate each others’ company in the slow lane of life when suddenly Craig’s callousness lands Pat in hot water. Faced with the search for a missing artifact and the discovery of a years-old prophecy, will Pat put away childish things and learn to believe in something more? Will Craig reveal secrets of his storied Genie past? Will someone eat the nachos that Googol made? Discover the answers to these questions and more by awaiting the premiere episode of Craig The Genie!
Craig the Genie is another Porthole Productions project that is the brainchild of Brandon Blanks. Blanks wrote a feature-length screenplay in his college apartment about a sorry sap that finds a genie who lives in a bong. This screenplay would become the origin story upon which the episodic series Craig the Genie is based.
It was apparent from the beginning that Joey Richter embodied the essence of Craig, that Pat on the page was a lot like the actor on which the character is slightly based, and that all that was missing from our dollar and a dream was the dollar. This is where Kickstarter kicked in.
Brandon had given mention to his project here and there, and amongst ourselves we kept coming back to this character, Craig. We found him very funny. Just the idea of this sort of magical being who typically represents endless possibility, but having him be deeply flawed in such a way that the irony of his magic is that it, at best, is useless and at worst, causes more harm than good. 30 days, 1579 backers, and $43,458 later, we were funded and more motivated than ever to bring the genie to life. We had more than money to fuel the productive fire - we had the validation and support of over 1,500 individuals who came together to help us see our vision through.
In the Fall of 2013, our crew of over 25 people shot for five days at Silver Dream Factory, a soundstage in Anaheim, Ca. On our fourth day of shooting, the top contributing members to our Kickstarter campaign were invited
 to the set to experience a day in the life of shooting. They went behind the scenes, experienced the magic of shooting on a soundstage, and met our wonderful cast and crew. They also appeared as extras in one of the final scenes of the episode. The experience of producing Craig the Genie has been an invaluable one for all of us here at Porthole Productions. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.