After Sean (Andrew James Parkhill) breaks up with Claire (Carlye Tamaren), friends Pat (Patrick McLaughlin), Alex (Joey Richter), and Jordan (Jordan Kelley) each take the split as a chance to pursue their dormant affection for her in this romantic comedy short film.


Brandon Blanks first began working toward the idea of Girl Friend when he sought to write something that was both theatrical and joke-like in structure.  The initial concept revolved around the humor and discomfort born from multiple guys all pursuing the same girl, each one in his own uniquely charming and also humiliating way.  The punch line, of course, being that none of them succeeded.

 The Fall of 2012 marked the end of an era for the members of Porthole Productions.

Each of us had completed our respective courses of study and were itching to get started on our first project together in a long while.  And so, the worn, coffee stained notes came out, and what rose to the top of the concepts pile would become Girl Friend.  Written by Brandon Blanks and shot in an apartment he shared with Jordan Kelley, the two-day production was full of laughs and love as we worked through hundred degree Hollywood heat.

    Soon after, other projects (including one about a genie), grabbed hold, but we never let go of our first crush, Girl Friend, which is why we’ve brought it here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.