“My Shiny Teeth & Me”, a song performed by the fictional character Chip Skylark of Nickelodeon’s The Fairly Oddparents, is not only a favorite of ours, but also an entire generation of millennial cartoon lovers. It was this very population that took to Twitter to point out
the similarity in appearance between the cartoon likeness of Chip Skylark and the human likeness of Joey Richter. Richter, while attending a staggeringly long day at Jury Duty, heard their internet cry, and promised that one day he would perform a cover of Skylark’s famous tune. Years later, during the Craig the Genie Kickstarter campaign, Joey fulfilled that promise, assuring cartoon loving millennials everywhere that he would see it through so long as they helped see Porthole Production’s Kickstarter campaign through. The campaign was successful and Porthole Production’s interpretation of “My Shiny Teeth & Me” was born. Joey Richter (Left), and Patrick McLaughlin (right)